We work on a wide range such as application developing which is the main axis of VR and AR business
to achieve a world where virtual reality and reality interfere with each other.
And also we provide 360-degree video shooting, contents creations,  and events producing using VR. 

Application RUKURUKU


To make an easiest way to access to VR and AR in the world and aim at the world without searching.


Rukuruku is a menu-less application that can get a VR and AR experience by only holding a smartphone over a subject.
Rukuruku can connect all of the things into another world (VR) and you do not need any expensive equipments (HMD). And on the other hand, in order to pursue a more comfortable experience, we are strengthening speed, quality, and cooperation of the high program everyday. 



Application Development and SDK Provide

A new experience in VR from the commercial to the entertainment.

We develop from VR BtoB application to a entertainment application for the general consumers which is easy, convenient, and fun to use for daily life. 
We will offer SDK for the application has already distributed and will be able to implement Rukuruku as a part of extension. You just need to write a simple code and 
It is possible to implement in a short period of time.

360-degree Video Shooting


Video shooting by making full use of our know-how of VR. 
We provide the video with full reality in daily life.


We support from 360-degree video planning and editing to delivery.
However, not only showing the video, the story who and what you want to convey is also important for the content production.

Dolly 360


The wide range of possibilities with the drone.

To raise the immersive feeling into VR.


In collaboration with Kyosho Corporation which is a long-established company developing radio control model, we overcome the issue of 360-degree video shooting until now.
To get rid of the photographer reflection and Dolly 360 can be moved a double distance of the drone with the four-wheel drive without any regulation.  

Social Video Marketing


Social video marketing to tell something what people want to spread with videos in real-time.

Kid's Plates had focused on the possibilities of live media and own media from the time the company was established. 

We propose video marketing activity support that faster than anywhere else and have accumulated know-how. 

Currently, we correspond a wide range of consulting activities and contents production of listed companies .

Website Construction and Management


The foundation of engagement from communication complement in real-time.


We have engaged in website construction for 20 years from 1996 before establishment of Kid's Plates.
And also we have experienced a wide range of a variety of fields such as UI design of a major corporate website which is 
currently used as infrastructure and an EC website, a blog which promotes a business and SNS construction and operation.  which is outclassing other companies
 we provide you full of our strength such as a completely new WOT proposal that takes advantages in the field of VR.

VR Events Producing


To experience from the information.

The event with a new way of giving impact. 


Let us handle VR exhibition and event promotion planning, production, construction and implementation in one-stop.
Please feel free to contact us even you are not sure where to begin.


Please feel free to contact us!