Corporate Philosophy


Kid's Plates provides discoveries and surprises
for ”Mind of Children" in the world.

Future Goals of Kid's Plates


We create the future filled with something new, interesting, and exciting and make a happy world which enables anyone to participate

with the 3 elements, "Intellectual Curiosity", "The Power of Imagination" and ”The Power of Creativity".



To Whom and What We Want to Deliver


We provide latest technology and information in the "Easiest" way to people with "Mind of Children" who have been always waiting for the experience

which is full of new surprises and discoveries. For that, we believe that things need to be simplified, understandable, fun, and easy to start.  
We make the hurdle to an experience lower, keep motivation high and absolutely deny an action of "a shallow trick" . 

Date of The Establishment

March 3, 2006

Message From CEO of Kid's Plates


Kentaro Modeki

”We will make an access to VR and AR to easiest in the world.”

 I think the new world called VR is the big event which has been reversed our common sense. However, there are only few people who has the machine to actually experience what it would be like to be in VR and also they said, "We never know if VR is great until we experience it.".

If it is the case, we want the digital divide to invisible by making an environment which everyone can experience VR and to be able to share the excitement and excellence of VR.  


Rukuruku can connect all of the things into another world (VR).

Until now, a thing has a meaning how to use itself and only the person who has it knows the content, but Rukuruku will pull the experience and knowledge out of all of things.
In doing so, we are going to re-build the time, the space, and the relationships in the reality.
we will eliminate the boundary of the Internet between the reality and the virtual reality, and after that, the world will be further enriched while adding 
another roles and meanings into all the visible and invisible things.


Web Design [Revised Edition]
-Concept Making kara Unyo made-(Joint authorship)

(Web Design [Revised Edition] -From Concept Making to Operation)

B5 size Full-color 240 pages


List price 3,240yen(MSRP 3,000yen)

Internet & Web no Hissu Joshiki 100 (Joint authorship)
(100 Common Sense for the Internet and Websites)

Book: 208 page

Publisher: Works Corporation INC.

ISBN-10: 4862670695

ISBN-13: 978-4862670694 


Muda wo Habuki Kouka wo Saidai ni suru Web Direction no syuhou 80 (Joint authorship)
(80 Methods of Web Direction to Eliminate Waste and
to Maximize The Effects)


Book: 208 page

Publisher: MdN 

ISBN-10: 4844360701

ISBN-13: 978-4844360704


Website Usability Handbook (Transration supervision)

Book: 346 page

Publisher: Ohmsha, Ltd. (2001/04)

ISBN-10: 4274064174

ISBN-13: 978-4274064173








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